We offer a personalized approach to best fit the needs of both your business, as well as your online community. Our services offer actionable answers to questions such as:

Should I invest in my online community? Online community discovery: Assess whether your business needs an online community
How do I build my online community? Community roadmap: Establish your community goals and develop a plan to achieve them
Add-on services:
* Forum moderation strategy
* Moderator recruitment
* Community Rules and ToS
* Community health plan
* Content strategy (source & curate the best content for your community)
* Special campaign setup & implementation
How do I grow my online community Community health assessment: Where your community is at vs. where it should be
How do I monetize my online community Develop a strategy to leverage your community to generate revenue streams
* Business development strategy (sharing the BTG business model)
* Client segmentation, pricing, and product offerings
* Partnership strategy (work with customers to achieve successful partnerships)