The Token Economy of Stack Overflow

Slides with notes

There are not a lot of people that even understand all the motivational mechanics and the anthropology behind the gamification of Stack Overflow, even inside the company, and as this is a critical part of why we’re the world’s most successful user generated site, being able to understand this stuff deeply, and, more importantly, to explain it as eloquently as [Jon] did, is invaluable.—Joel Spolsky

Jon is an astute long-term observer of SE culture.—Jeff Atwood

Unicorn Meta Zoo

I hosted a podcast with other Stack Exchange community managers which I called “Unicorn Meta Zoo” because I figured it would be easy to search for. Just my luck that a popular card game called MetaZoo was released a year later and one of the cards is a unicorn. Anyway, here are the episodes:

  1. Why another podcast?
  2. What is the role of moderators?
  3. How do we grade questions?
  4. What makes for a healthy community?
  5. Interview with Cesar M_
  6. Interview with Catija
  7. Interview with Nicolas
  8. What does leadership look like in our communities?
  9. How do we handle problem users?